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Maintaining Health

"Men will spend their health getting wealth; then gladly pay all they have earned to get health back."Mike Murdock, God's Little Instruction Book for Men

Why is it we know no limits on expense when it comes to entertaining ourselves and yet chose the least expensive product when it comes to equipment to maintain a clean and healthy environment in our home?

We will spend almost any amount of money when it comes to big screen TVs, skis, golf clubs and sporting events. But when it comes to choosing equipment to make our homes safe and healthy, we will buy the cheapest vacuum, the cheapest steam machine or indoor air cleaner.

We choose to use all kinds of toxic chemical cleaners to clean our indoor environment without doing any research to the effects these cleaning chemicals have on our health.

When it comes to entertainment equipment, we will do massive amounts of research but little to none on the equipment we use to keep our homes clean and our families breathing clean, safe air.

Maybe it would be a good idea to do some research on that vacuum first. Does it deep clean; does it spew out all of the unclean particles it just removed?

What about a steam vapor system? They generate real steam and use only tap water to clean. A quality steam vapor system is probably one of the most important tools for maintaining a healthy home. Yet most homeowners are not only unaware of steam vapor systems, they are totally unaware of the positive health benefits steam vapor can bring to the home, and how much time these systems can save in cleaning their home.

If we purchase throw-away equipment what happens to our dumpsites. Is there such a thing as "away" anymore? It should be understood, researching equipment that maintains a healthy home environment is more important then researching the products that entertain us. At the very least, we should consider investing as much money maintaining our health, as we invest on products that simply entertain us. To do so could mean we wouldn't have to spend a fortune to regain our health later.

Randy Zielsdorf, National Sales Manager, Advanced Vapor Technologies Home of the Ladybug Steam Vapor SystemVaporJet and Mondo Vap Commercial Steam Vapor Systems (800) 997-6584


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