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Plungefest 2018 June 30th, Triple Door

Updated: Feb 6, 2019

Everyone deserves water, and the Plungefest Music Festival is ready to make a splash at the Triple Door in Seattle! PlungeFest’s history is rooted in a deep desire to address the poor water conditions around the world. Lend your support while listening to a fantastic line-up of local musician’s (Walking PapersThe High ChildrenTrio Abaraka, 12 Foot Breed and Paul Filinson). Proceeds proudly support and Clean Water Foundation (CWF) as two established and excellent charities dedicated to solving this problem.

Listen to Broadcast 06/12/18

Guests: Leon McLaughlin, Founder Clean Water Foundation Peter Morada, Manager The High Children

MichikoHayashi, Director The Emoto Peace Project 

Jeff Peterson, Founder Plungefest


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