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The Health Benefits of Using Steam Vapor to Clean Your Home

WHY THE USE OF A STEAM VAPOR SYSTEM IS RECOMMENDED OVER OTHER CLEANING METHODS: To really understand why you would choose a vapor system over other methods of cleaning, you must first understand and acknowledge that there are health and environmental concerns with the use of common household chemical cleaners.

Problems Associated with Using Chemical Based Cleaners 

In many situations the use of chemical cleaners or topical cleaners are not effective. Cleaning chemicals are continually off gassing in our homes. House hold cleaning chemicals can be very harmful to our bodies. No one knows for sure what prolonged exposure to cleaning chemicals may have on our health. We are just now somewhat realizing what kinds of effects chemicals are having on our children. Chemicals are a consumable and are very expensive. Chemical by-products including the containers they come in are harmful to the environment. Chemicals, including so-called safe chemicals are ineffective on porous surfaces and in cracks. Residues from topical cleaners can also harbor bacteria in biofilms. Instructions for dwell times required on the surfaces greatly vary and are generally ignored. Most household chemicals are ineffective where organic material is still present. Heavy scrubbing is important for a chemical substance to be effective. Brushing your teeth is a good example; even a small surface like this requires two minutes to be effective. Think what a large surface really requires. Our earth is already inundated with chemicals. We see it in the water we drink. We see it in our rivers and the ocean. The food we eat has too many chemicals. Chemicals have entered our food chain through our sewage treatment centers, through dumpsites and through poor hazardous waste handling by manufactures and individual citizens. The amount of household cleaning chemicals used for cleaning is reaching unmanageable proportions in America and throughout the world. Normal cleaning is tedious and time consuming. Often you need to be on your hands and knees and have your nose in your work. Many times you need a ladder or a stool to reach an area. Deep cleaning is much more difficult to achieve. Cleanliness is absolutely necessary for our health- spiritually, mentally and physically.

Benefits of Vapor System 

A vapor system can help achieve all of this without harmful chemicals. With a vapor system no scrubbing is needed. In most cases you can stand up while working; no need to be on your hands and knees. A ladder or stool is not normally needed because you can reach most areas with the extension handles provided with the system. Water and heat has always been the most effective way to achieve sanitation and deep cleanliness. This was hard to accomplish until the arrival of dry steam vapor technology. Steam vapor reaches into pores and cracks bringing with it temperatures of over 200 degrees. With a quality vapor system, less than one quart of water is used per hour. No residues of any kind are left behind. Nothing is consumed. In many cases you are pulling years of soils and contaminate from surfaces. That is why each subsequent use becomes easier and faster. You are sanitizing, cleaning and deodorizing in one operation. Surfaces feel clean, fabrics feel soft and colors look brighter. There are no obnoxious odors left behind. Areas such as grout lines, under chrome strips, window gutters and cracks are much easier to reach and to achieve the desired appearance and cleanliness. The initial expense might seem considerable, but a quality system will last many years. You will achieve greater health and cleanliness. You will spend much less time cleaning and will achieve better results. You will spend much less over the years for expensive chemicals. Your home will be healthier and cleaner. The steam vapor industry in America is growing with remarkable speed. I look forward to the day when we will notice the positive results of less chemical waste in our environment, and a cleaner healthier environment.

Randy Zielsdorf, National Sales Manager, Advanced Vapor Technologies, Home of the Ladybug Steam Vapor System, VaporJet and Mondo Vap Commercial Steam Vapor Systems

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