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The Yin-Yang Dance of Relationships

Feng shui is largely known as the art of creating balance and harmony in our environments, but it starts by creating harmony with self and with others. What better way of looking at your relationships and how they affect your life than through the lense of this ancient art. The symbol best representing the subtle dance involved in creating and maintaining productive energies in your life is the yin-yang symbol, the principle of complementarities, of positive counterparts, engaging in a constant creative interplay.

Your daily interactions in your relationships are a good example of the yin-yang dynamics at work on so many levels. A more detailed view of the yin-yang principle are the five elements, also known as the five transformations, Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water. Each represents a specific element that reveals one aspect of your deeper essence.  Understanding the qualities of each as they come to full expression in yourself and your partner, is a great eye-opener. It allows invaluable insights into the dynamics of your relationships. The five transformations reveal the treasure you each carry within, the resource available to you at any given moment in time, ready to be tapped into.

It is said that before you can fully and unconditionally love another person you first have to love yourself. Self-love is achieved through self-knowledge and self-acceptance. Once you are connected to your innermost core and essence you can’t but love and respect yourself. Respecting and accepting true self, means accepting and respecting others true self, your partner’s and friends’. This then builds the foundation for strong and long-lasting relationships.

Over the many years that I have been working with the yin-yang and the 5 elements dynamics, in both, my feng shui consulting practice and my training programs, the complexity and depth of their meanings continue to amaze me and open new vistas for me personally. At the same time I have been exploring ever new ways of how to convey the richness of each element and their transformative power to my students. This led me to recording visualizations of each of the five elements on a CD.  The visualizations, accompanied by the most beautiful music, will help you access that what is needed for you personally to uncover your true self. Immerse yourself fully in the transformative energy of each element, all at once or one at a time. The one you do not resonate with at the start might very well be the one you need to bring into your life.

Gisela Stehr offers individual consultations in Feng Shui and the Five Elements as they play out in your personal life and relationships.


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