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Tips for Having a Sane Holiday

Updated: Apr 3, 2019

A holiday is “a day of festivity or recreation when no work is done” according to the Oxford Dictionary. “Festivity”, “recreation”, “no work”. So why are we all stressed out during this time of the year?

While people reportedly have more positive emotions such as happiness, love and high spirits during the holidays, many, especially women, also feel that their stress level increases at the same time.

The meaning of the holidays has been overshadowed by the presumed responsibilities of the holidays. The desire to throw the perfect celebration parties or to give the most unexpected gifts is putting undue pressure on ourselves. The three main stressors, found in an American Psychological Association survey, are the lack of time (67%), the lack of money (62%) and commercialism (53%).

Why don’t we take a different approach this holiday? We have some articles and programs to help you get a relaxing, memorable, and fulfilling holiday.

Get tips on how to have your Holiday Cooking done without stress from Bridget Charters, Director of Hot Stove Society.Create a Green Holiday with festive decorations that are also good for the environment with tips from Brenda DeVore, Owner of CleanScapes.Give gifts that multiply. Learn about what Fair Trade offers from Kmbris Bond and Doug Dirks.

We wish you a Very Happy Holiday.


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