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Wastewater Management

Updated: Jan 15, 2019

In the traditional sense, wastewater management means getting rid of the waste. From a public health perspective, removing wastewater safely is still a main goal of wastewater treatment and management today. However, facing the eminent challenge of climate change and limited clean water supply, wastewater management has taken on new meaning and responsibilities over time. This week, our panel of guests from King County Wastewater Treatment Division described their mission of being resource stewards and a green utility. Listen to their current projects in reclaiming wastewater, developing rainwater systems, developing fertilizers and generating electricity out of wastewater. Through this work, they are working towards carbon neutral.

As we always say, treat the source of the problem. Greening of our wastewater has to start from home. Does it ever go through your mind about what happens literally after you flash your toilet? Chemicals from our cleaning products, unfinished medications, ... Get a refresher of the Do's and Don'ts to keep our water clean and safe.

We can all be the steward of our valuable resources. Don't wait till the well is dry.From wastewater to resource, the greening of our wastewater treatment. Plus tips to keep our water clean and safe.

Listen to broadcast 04/23/13

Pam  Elardo, Division Director, Annie Kolb Nelson, Communication Specialist, John Phillips, Planner, King County Wastewater Treatment Division


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